Fresh Muse–Thought of the week

The COVID19 time-out

Well, March 15th was the day we followed the American Dental Association’s recommendation that all dental offices close to non-urgent dental care due to COVID19.  The American Dental Association is helping dentists with suggestions on how to improve the safety of everyone who visits and works in the dental office and is deferring to local […]

Our Own Health: Conversation and Comprehensive Treatment

  Patients tell me one of our country’s big problems is the state of our healthcare system and comprehensive treatment.  There are often long wait times and short, hurried time with the doctor.  In this Fresh Muse blog tonight, I want to be one of many who focuses on ownership.  The question becomes, “What can […]

Recognizing the Strength of the Human Spirit

As I sit here tonight, there are so many thoughts to share.  Weary of the subject material of the news and so-called news programs on TV, I know I’m not alone. Our country, our world has big problems. With this Fresh Muse blog, I want to be one of many voices that focuses on thoughtful, refreshing, […]