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“For years I traveled over two hours to be seen by my childhood dentist…Dr. Yue changed my mind …is friendly, kind, and has a vast knowledge of dentistry… Visits with her often take the form of a pleasant conversation…She has helped me with a poorly fitted crown…Above all, Dr Yue is truly dedicated to helping you avoid both extra cost and pain in dental procedures…to anyone looking for a family dentist or for someone with longer term problems–I have no doubt she can help you.”     Carl L.

“Dr. Yue crafted a great restoration, paying attention to every detail…the implants are solid and the bridge fits beautifully…feels like a natural part of my mouth and looks great! She is an excellent dentist, an artisan and lovely person!”     Becky B.

“So I had seen another dentist who told me that I had a cavity that needed to be filled. But, like my Dad always told me, I got a second opinion and decided to see Dr. Yue. She was professional every step of the way, and ended up telling me there was NO CAVITY. You can imagine my relief! She saved me time, money, and pain by being honest, and I can’t begin to say how rare and important that is in a dentist. Highly recommend her!”     Andre K.

“I have…met many dentists. Dr. Yue is one of the two best dentists I met during the last 20+ years. She is very kind. Her work is of very high quality…She never asks you to do anything which may not be really needed. I wish I should have switched to her office earlier.”   Tao

“Dr. Jennifer Yue is an absolute gem!  I hadn’t been to the dentist in longer than I’d care to admit, and Dr. Jen was extremely patient and kind in getting me back on track.  I was literally dreading my return to the dentist and she made it a piece of cake.”     Brian C.

“Dr. Yue is the nicest and most professional dentist we have been to.  She takes her time to explain everything to you.  She is not one of those “let’s put a crown on it” doctors.  She actually cares about her clients.  My husband, two daughters and I have been going to her for several years and have loved her from day one.”      Eva S.

“Dr. Jen is great!  I love her caring approach and deep knowledge of dentistry.”     Kate D.

“Dr. Jen was amazing! My last dentist filled my tooth incorrectly and I’ve been in pain because of it. She called me over the weekend and made availability for me the following morning. I no longer have pain in my jaw and tooth. I highly recommend her. Never thought I’d enjoy my dentist visits, but I do now!”     Pamela E.

“Dr. Yue is very knowledgeable, friendly, patient, sincere and professional.  I had a severe accident 20yrs ago. Have many artificial teeth…Dr. Yue gives professional advice, and take skillful care of my teeth.  She also has given me very good advice for my daughter’s impacted tooth medical care decision making.  We are very grateful for having her as our dentist”.     CTJ

“Dr. Yue has been a wonderful dentist.  She has gone above and beyond in helping make the most of our dental visits.  Highly recommend!”     Jennifer M.

“Dr. Yue is very caring, compassionate and does what is right for the patient! A++++ She and her staff are wonderful and do whatever they can for you to make your experience a good one. Their follow up is amazing!”     Gret G.

“Our family has been cared for by Dr. Yue since the wonderful Dr. Hill retired.  We have been quite impressed with her level of professionalism, knowledge of her profession, commitment to preventative measures, and ability to respond constructively to a patient’s concerns.  In addition, Dr. Yue takes a personal interest in her patient’s lives.  Visiting the dentist is a pleasure!”    Victoria S.

“Dr. Yue is the best dentist I’ve ever been to by far.  She is so gentle and sensitive to her patients needs and I would suggest her to anyone!  I live 35 minutes from her office and have no problem traveling to get the best care.”     Gorman H.

“I was sent to Dr. Yue to be fitted for a sleep apnea appliance.  Dr. Yue has been very patient with me.  She worked with me to make sure I had the best fit.  Besides her professional talent she is a very friendly kind person that I enjoyed very much.  Thank you!”     Diane S.

“Definitely a great dentist and she’s very sensitive to her patients.  Definitely recommended if you have sensitivity issues with your teeth etc.”     Liz S.

“Dr. Yue is impressively conscientious and skillful.  Personally she is delightful and interesting.  I especially appreciate her concern for my comfort, ongoing feedback during procedures and general educational efforts.  Although I have moved into Center City Philadelphia, I continue to make the long trip to see her.  I recommend her without reservations.”     Judith B.

“Dr. Yue is a friendly, efficient, skillful and caring dentist.  She listens to me.  I highly recommend her.”      Hugh

“I tried several different dentists in the area having moved to Malvern a few years ago.  Dr. YUE is now my dentist.  Visits are so pleasant you just want to stay and chat with her much longer…  She is very empathic and precise.  Concerned that you get the best care possible.  I genuinely like her and look forward to seeing her for my Dentistry.  Highly recommend.”     Sharon J.

“Our family has been going to Dr. Jen since she acquired the practice from Dr. Hill.  She has been fantastic in every way.  She has flexible hours, great service, always cheerful and always looking out for our best interest.  She is an excellent dentist with a gentle touch.  She takes care of all of our insurance paper work as well.  I can’t say enough great things about her!”     H.P.

“My family and I had a great experience with Dr. Yue.”     Tom S.

“Dr. Jen is the most caring, kind, and gentle dentist I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!  I could not recommend her enough!!”     Jenny T.

“Dr. Yue is the most patient and gentle dentist I have ever visited.  I have severe anxiety whenever I go to the dentist and she was so understanding.  She explained every step and made sure I was prepared and comfortable.  I would recommend her to anyone!”     Fran R.

“Dr. Yue has been my dentist since acquiring the practice from Dr. Hill.  Her routine care is exceptional, thorough, comfortable, on-time.  What is remarkable is her concern and attention to her patients.  She goes out of her way to know you and is available in any situation.  She interrupted her “day off” to provide me with emergency treatment necessitating a root canal done the following day by her recommended endodontist.  She made time to complete the procedure so I could go on vacation.  In summary, she is both professional and exceptionally caring.”     R.

“Perfect!  Super competent, careful, caring, personal.”  Rachel L.

“Dr. Yue is one of the most thorough, accommodating, friendly, and personable dentists.  She truly takes the time to respectfully listen to her patients’ needs and concerns and shares her knowledge of her expertise in ways any patient would understand and appreciate.  She makes dental visits something a person can look forward to because they will be at ease and be in excellent care.  Thank you, Dr. Yue =)  Anita P.

“Dr. Yue is very competent and sincerely cares about her patients and their dental health.  I (almost) look forward to visiting Dr. Yue for cleanings and other dental procedures.  She puts you at ease, never rushes and sincerely cares about her patients.  I consider my good dental health a result of her expertise, recommendations and my regular visits to Dr. Yue.”  John G. 

“Jennifer Yue is the best dentist imaginable.  She has the expertise, modern equipment, and spends the direct patient time, to provide truly outstanding dental care.  The difference vs. any of my previous dental experiences is significant.  Thank you Dr. Yue!  Ray S.

“Never have I had such a friendly, caring and skilled dentist, who is so knowledgeable yet humble, and who takes the time to explain things instead of just getting you in and out of the chair…  You could not ask for a more genuinely caring and trustworthy family dentist, who goes above and beyond for her patients!     Esther C.

“Great experience, she’s a lovely person and all the family is happy with her services.”  Timour M.

“Dr. Yue is an exceptionally knowledgeable and conscientious dentist focused on both current and preventative patient care.  Our family greatly appreciates her kind and caring manner.  She is a terrific dentist!”     Joseph F.

“Dr. Yue is extremely friendly and she is a very good dentist.  She has a soft but firm touch. I hated going to the dentist for years but she really has put me at ease. I had a terrible fall, smashed my mouth, broke two teeth off and loosened most of the rest of them.  I was very badly injured.  She took great care of me and now she is the only person I would go to.  She is too nice.  The staff is very polite and they do not stack patients and make you wait a long time.”  Charles L.

“I cannot imagine anyone being kinder and more caring. The level of care far exceeds any expectations.  I wrote this before I saw a posting in Doctor Yue’s own words: My mission … a friendly, comfortable place where a high level of compassion and service combines with customized meticulous care that will go beyond expectations.  My personal experience parallels this mission statement so closely the postings were close to verbatim.”  Bill O.

“A true artist — and pain free!”  Mary L.

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