human spirit

As I sit here tonight, there are so many thoughts to share.  Weary of the subject material of the news and so-called news programs on TV, I know I’m not alone. Our country, our world has big problems.

With this Fresh Muse blog, I want to be one of many voices that focuses on thoughtful, refreshing, good news.  This is the music my heart wants to sing.  The consensus in the psychology field is when a person spends time focusing on something, the stronger those thoughts are and this directly changes the neurotransmitters in the brain that affect our emotional and physical health.

Here is the Fresh Muse thought for this week of finding one positive idea to focus on that can actually affect and improve the outcome:  How about believing that each patient I talk to really wants to be part of the greater good, and really wants to have good oral and dental health?  How about focusing on how you’ve moved the people surrounding you (including me) by your persistence?  What challenges have you overcome, and how can I learn from them and from you?

The common statement of “Hi Doc, tell me what I need” to fix my teeth changes to “No one has ever asked me before….I think….I do….I want….” that bridge so I can eat and feel better.

Seeing a client at a visit and hearing a story told is a gift given that allows me to share a bond of human kindness.  This is what drives me to do my best work…because in the end, sure–I have an ego–but it is not about me, it is about the client.  Getting patients to a better place and arriving there together–it’s really awesome to have a supporting role.

Until next time,

Dr. Jennifer Yue