Oral Cancer, TMJ Disorder, and Periodontal Disease Screenings

Oral Screenings Paoli

“I have a spot in my mouth and it bothers me.”
“I hear my joint click when I open my mouth.”
“There are family members with periodontal disease and I want to make sure that my gums stay as healthy as possible.”

We cover these and other concerns at each routine visit. We can give you peace of mind.

During your dental exam in our office, we do the following screenings:

Oral cancer is uncommon but the best outcomes are those that are caught early. Serious TMJ disorders can be debilitating, so the best approach is to manage changes in the TMJ functioning mindfully long before any major disruption in TMJ functioning occurs. This joint is in front of a person’s left and right ears.

It is, of course, the only joint in our bodies that works as a pair. Both joints must move simultaneously to function. Periodontal disease is often thought of as a silent condition, because it doesn’t usually cause noticeable sensations until the disease has progressed. It is the term for the fact that the gums or bone surrounding the teeth, keeping them stable, has been lost. There are different degrees of bone loss, and in the most severe cases, teeth are lost due to the lack of surrounding bone support. There are many things that can be done to help slow down the process. We can discuss more specific details at your visit.

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