Customized Smiles Hand-crafted & Natural

“I want to control the way my smile makeover looks and get much of it done the same day.”
“I don’t like the wear on my front teeth.”
“I don’t like the color of my teeth.”
“I wish my teeth look different—the Invisalign didn’t solve this problem.”

Do you want to have an active role in how your resulting smile looks?  Then customized smiles may be for you.

Because we build in a good part of the day to see only you, we have the time to create something that is not a stock template. Composite shades can be custom mixed and individually shaped by hand to make your teeth have the nuanced, natural look you want.  You can say right away if there is anything that you want to be different and these changes can be made right as you watch.

Because we are sculpting a newer look right over your enamel, your teeth remain protected and whole.  Should there ever be a time when something chips (like after biting into a rib bone or on a lobster shell), doing a repair is immediate.  The same recipe of colors can be mixed and the new material bonds to what remains, creating a seamless look.  These restorations do stain more easily because of the characteristics of the material, but with a good hygiene plan, these changes are easily managed.

If you wanted to create your new smile using porcelain, we would need to involve the help of a talented dental lab technician.  For a reliable, beautiful appearance, these restorations could be modeled after a waxed template which I first create and you approve.

However, there is often the need to remove some tooth structure first in order to get the desired final shade, and this often requires you to wear temporary coverings while the porcelain restorations are being made.

To find out more, call us for a consult. We’d be happy to help—it’s what we do.

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