Implant Supported Dentures A More Permanent Solution

Implant Supported Dentures

“I don’t want plastic in my mouth.”
“I’m tired of worrying about my teeth. I want to have a solution that makes me forget I ever had a problem, and allows me to have a nice smile and eat well.”

We are here to develop and plan your smile customized to your preferences.

There are different designs for implant supported dentures.

There is the snap design that can be retrofitted onto existing well-fitting dentures or made for new dentures. Usually, the implants are placed at least where the canines or eye teeth used to be.  Other designs involve more implants in different areas.  The architecture of the gums and the areas where implants are placed determines the design options that are available.

Planning ahead of time allows for all the different stages to be thought out, and allows predictability to be the constant.

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