Dental Implants For Missing Teeth

Dental Implants

“My teeth keep breaking down.”
“I already had a root canal and this tooth is still bothering me.”
“My teeth are loose and I need to know what can be done.”
“I want something that stays in my mouth, is easy to clean, and looks beautiful.”

Do you have questions about how much longer your teeth will hold up? Questions on how to have solid tooth replacements that give you confidence? Then implants are something to consider.

Treatment development and planning is key when determining the best candidate areas for implants, as they will then have to support the crowns, bridge or denture that must labor daily with the movements of the mouth and jaw. What is designed to be supported by the implants must look good.

Implants may not be ideal in some areas due to bone shape, height, width, and density and/or gum shape, height, width, and thinness. Sometimes bone grafting and other special procedures can ameliorate these problems.

When a broken arm is set in a cast, the cells that mesh the bones together can grow undisturbed. Once the space between has filled in with new bone, the normal use of the arm can fully resume after the cast is removed.

For an implant to be successful, the surrounding bone must osseointegrate and grow into the fine threads of the implant, allowing for a strong, continuous bony support for the implant. Depending on the person and the circumstances, this can take a few months to take place.

When the restoration is an implant crown, a custom made connector or abutment allows the implant to support the implant crown at the location that the crown needs to be in order for the person to function optimally. When the restoration is an implant bridge, the custom made abutments allow the bridge to be supported by the implants and positioned in a way that allows for better positioning and use. When the implants are supporting a partial or complete denture, then there is a little more forgiveness in the design of the restoration when considering the location of the implants.

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