Rough brushing, teeth clenching, acidic drinks and foods are several factors that can cause attrition, abrasion and erosion (the physical and chemical types of tooth wear). However, there’s no need for you to suffer the physical and aesthetic pains of tooth wear, because there are treatment options that can be a saving grace for you and your teeth. Here are three procedures that Dr. Jennifer Yue swears by for teeth that have been affected by tooth wear, so you can resurrect your smile and start grinning big and bright again!

Bond It to Rebuild It

Teeth Restoration

If your enamel erosion has caused your teeth to become discolored, then bonding could be the perfect solution. With this treatment, resin—a tooth-colored material—is applied to the surface of the damaged tooth and is used to fill in any cavities that may be present. Not only will resin cover up any discolorations, but it will also protect the tooth. Additionally, the materials used in bonding will not hurt tissues in teeth and can greatly improve the appearance of a tooth.

Put a Crown On It

For teeth that are savable, but do not have enough remaining dentin to support enamel above it, a crown may be the best option. Think of dental crowns like a piece of jewelry that looks like a hollowed out tooth. If a crown is well-made, it will encircle your tooth, fit like a glove and completely blend in with the surrounding teeth. The crowning glory of this treatment option? Crowns are extremely stable and will feel just like your other teeth.

Revere Your Teeth Again with Veneers

The symptoms of tooth wear can vary, and in some cases, it can cause discoloration, uneven teeth edges, see-through teeth, tooth fracturing and shiny spots. Fortunately, veneers—a material that is applied to a tooth in a thin layer—can completely transform your teeth and turn your smile into the smile of your dreams. Unlike the other tooth wear treatment options, veneers give you two options of materials to cover your teeth in—porcelain or composite—so you can be sure that your smile best represents who you are. With porcelain veneers, you can choose from any shade and will enjoy a smooth finish that will reflect light beautifully. In contrast, composite veneers are more porous to stain, yet they are easily repairable.

Whether your teeth have been affected by attrition, abrasion or erosion, Dr. Jennifer Yue in Paoli, PA in will provide you with the best treatment solutions that will make your teeth look beautiful and feel healthier. Contact Dr. Yue today to get one step closer to saving your teeth and restoring your smile!