We have beautiful, sunny weather today with a light breeze, blue skies and soft sun.  There’s so much Mother’s Day can represent:  a milestone, a holiday, a day to remember our mothers and where we’re from.  And how we’ve grown since then.  What parts of us as children are the same, and what parts have matured with time.  Nature has such beauty today.  I picked the first spinach leaves, and think about Mother Earth, too, and how much we depend on a healthy earth to thrive.  Composted earth is visually alive with earthworms and lushness of the dirt.  Plants grown within this medium transfer those nutrients and minerals when eaten.  Nutritious food and relaxation.  The peaceful sounds of birds singing and the sight as they frolic in these gardens, jumping from one branch to the next, playing in the decades-old azalea bushes as the pine trees sway makes the breath I take feel fresh.  Relaxation and contentment linger.  Wishing all a Happy Mother’s Day.  Smiles to you.