Teeth Whitening Get a Brighter Smile

Teeth Whitening

“I think I really look bad in photos now that I see other people’s teeth next to mine.”
“I want to look my best for this wedding.”
“I want to look like my younger self when I had whiter teeth.”

Since ancient times, people have wanted to have whiter teeth. There are a lot of teeth whitening products on the market, and many are over the counter. The OTC types give mixed results–some rave about them and believe they work while others remain unimpressed. Since it is difficult to know what the active ingredient percentage is and the strength or freshness of the material, we will just discuss whitening that our office offers.

In office whitening is done with the strongest concentration of hydrogen peroxide, also known as bleach. Teeth must be evaluated beforehand to make sure the process will be comfortable and successful. The gums are protected while the teeth are whitened, and results are immediate.

Home whitening can be done with custom whitening trays, made on stone model replicas of the teeth which are poured from molds taken of the teeth. These custom whitening trays allow the whitening agent to be more evenly distributed along the tooth surface while keeping the whitening agent on the teeth, minimizing gum irritation from the whitening gel. This takes a few weeks for the whitening agent to whiten the teeth because it is at a lower concentration of strength than the kind done in the office, for safety reasons.

Common Questions

How long will my teeth stay this color?

It depends variables such as how much coffee or tea someone drinks, how porous the teeth surfaces are, and how often the person gets a professional cleaning.

Will my teeth be as white as my friend’s?

It depends on how dark your teeth are initially, and how much your teeth can absorb the whitening agent. For an exact shade of white, doing veneers give a more predictable, stable result.

Will my teeth hurt when I whiten?

It depends on what product is chosen, how it is used, and how sensitive your teeth are. In a majority of cases, the product selected after evaluating the teeth and talking about goals does not cause sensitivity.

How long will the whitening trays last?

They should not be stored in a hot place (like left alone in a hot car), they should not be boiled, microwaved, or left around for pets to chew on. When cared for as directed, they can last for years.

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