Sealants, Oral Hygiene Education, Nutrition Support Better Everyday Oral Hygiene



Sealants are thin coverings placed into the grooves of teeth to prevent bacteria from infiltrating and causing cavities. They are tooth-colored, and can be placed without anesthesia, since there is no removal of tooth structure. They are considered a wonderful preventive option for children and adolescents, who are still learning how to care for themselves and often don’t yet have a consistent and effective daily oral hygiene routine.

Oral Hygiene Education

Oral hygiene routines are reviewed at the routine cleaning visit. Sometimes changes in the mouth, in medications, or in a person’s life cause teeth to be more prone to cavities or the gums to have more inflammation. Tweaking and refining the routine can help to optimize the health of the entire person. A person’s oral health is related to how healthy the rest of the body is and affects how a person feels.

Nutrition Support

Nutrition is integral to good health because nutrition is the fuel for our cells. With all the changes in the modern industrialized world, it is easy to forget that our bodies thrive when we have the nutrients that we need. Conversations about nutrition are a welcomed continued topic at the hygiene visit.

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